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ATI is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, the horse capital of the world, (we don’t know the dog capital of the world – but we have lots of em here too). We professionally practice what we teach. We have students from all over the world.....

We’re are the only a-vocational provider offering Certification in EQUINE & CANINE LASER THERAPY.

We’ve been teaching this specialized therapy for over 15 years. Our courses are easy and quick to learn, the therapy is easy to apply and there is a high demand for it in the animal world. There are no junk filler materials, we don’t make you memorize muscles, bones, bla, bla ,bla. We teach you what you need to know, understand, and how to use it. This means no wasted time and quick completion of the courses.

It is affordable and will pay for itself in just a few months. If you need help financing the cost, we can help. We’re not a bank but we can break up the cost in several payments for you if it would help.

A SPECIAL MESSAGE: I’ve been teaching over 40 years. This is my calling and a passion with these animals. I teach people skills they take away with them and have forever. SO, If you make a commitment to read, study and put in the time, I will give to you a valuable “miracle” skill to help, heal, and restore health. Animals will instantly relate to you when you apply this therapy, as they know what is healing to them. I seriously want to make this a reality for you so if you think you can’t do this or can’t afford the program, please call and talk to me. I will answer any questions or concerns and will personally work with you to make this happen. Thank you for visiting our web site. Good Luck! Jim Lattanzio.

ATI donates to the following organizations:
        Wounded Warrior Project &
        Saint Jude’s Children Hospital &
        U. S. Humane Society                                                                                                                                                                      61515

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